"i’m not bitter" i say, bitterly, with a bitter expression


thank god people can’t read each other’s minds like i don’t wanna know what kind of twisted shit is going on in your head cause i’m murdering people in mine

pretty sure most of us would be in jail by now


bruh porn titles be so extra and so outta line like u got shit like “HORNY TIGHT ASIAN TEEN GAGS ON MONSTER COCK” like relax why u so loud & specific.

"I am not
a poet
nor am I
a writer,
just someone
who loved
far too much
and ended up
bleeding out
— Hemophilia of the Heart; Alahna Sy. (via ajeebinsaan)
  • my family: skinny people are gross.
  • my family: fat people are gross
  • my family: self harm-ers are gross
  • my family: suicide is gross
  • my family: mental illnesses are gross
  • my family: homosexuals are gross
  • my family: oh, but we won't judge you. you can tell us anything.
  • me: lol no i'm fine thanks.